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The K-12 Homeschool was designed to be a flexible fit for any child in grades K-12. Our unique online home schooling program allows children to work from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

The K-12 Homeschool curriculum has been used by the following types of students:

  • Students in any public, charter or private school
  • Student athletes
  • Gifted and talented students
  • Teen parents
  • Students with ADD and other learning differences
  • Homebound students
  • Teens who have left traditional school
  • Child/Teen actors & actresses
  • Child/Teen professional athletes
  • Home schooled students
  • Missionary home school families
  • Military families
  • High school-aged students who want to work full time
  • …and more!

Home Schooling for Everyone

The K-12 Homeschool is a home school program that will fit any child like a glove. It is an individualized, customizable program that allows home schooling students to learn in variety of ways. By providing so many home school learning methods, we give your home school child the control and empowerment that he/she needs to embrace the fun in learning. Child in Raincoat Little Girl Child on Swing Child Painting Child on Beach

Some Christian parents would love to provide their children with a good education but have been unable to due so because of the cost of textbooks and academic services. Because all of the core courses in our home school program are so inexpensive, families experiencing financial need are still able to enroll their children in a quality Christian home school program.

Students must meet certain criteria. Unfortunately enrollment is not open to everyone?

The K-12 Homeschool accepts a very limited number of yearly enrollments... usually only about 1700 students. We only serve homeschoolers who meet certain criteria and who also agree to respond to quality surveys and marketing trials. Once initial enrollments are filled all applicants are placed on a waiting list. You will be informed as to your enrollment status shortly after your enrollment form has been completed. Applicants who have remitted payments because they selected options (if any) and who are also placed on 'waiting list' status will be immediately refunded any charges until a space becomes available. As more corporate sponsorships begin then additional enrollments will be accepted on a weekly basis. Here are some of the details which can change without notice. We expect there to be a much higher demand than spaces will allow so please enroll early.

Criteria for Student Enrollment:

1. Registering parent and their student(s) must reside in the United States all at the same physical address and be United States citizens. At this time we are not able to accept non U.S. citizens or U.S. citizens living abroad.

2. Parents must complete a full online enrollment form and remit incidental or elective fees (if any) and maintain their account in good standing using a valid credit or debit card. This card is used to help with identification and is kept on account for incidental purchases (if any). It must be registered to the enrolling parent at the permanent address that the parent uses during the enrollment process and that address is the residence of both the cardholder and the student(s). Parents and their enrolled students must reside at the same street address. For security and accounting issues we are not currently able to accept payments via check or money order.

3. Parents and/or students may not currently have applied for or attend (or have previously attended) any online course(s) from any other private online provider. The sole exception would be attendance at a public online charter school. Only homeschoolers with no previous experience with online learning are currently being accepted. (This criteria meets our corporate sponsorship requirement that all opinions from parents and/or students are from a "fresh" view with no previous exposure to K-12 online learning).

4. Parents must agree to comply with any/all government homeschool regulations and meet all homeschool criteria in your area of residence. Parents employed by or who have immediate family members employed by any company involved in online K-12 education, public online charter school, curriculum developer/publisher and/or any other competitive activity may not apply for enrollment for their student(s) at this time.

5. For security purposes and quality communications, parents and students must submit and maintain on file a working telephone number, email address that is regularly checked, valid street address of actual residence (no P.O. Boxes or 3rd party mail services), credit or debit card for incidental purchases and identification that is associated with the street address of residence of parent and student(s).

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