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The K-12 Homeschool believes that a solid partnership between parents and children bring tremendous benefits to the family. Through this home school partnership, we provide families with the curriculum and support you need to meet your child's needs.

Individualized Home School Program

We understand that all children learn at different levels. Children learn in different ways and at different rates. Some children learn better visually, while some learn better with hands-on activities. Our online lessons provide several different ways to learn and master the subject matter. Our home school students are provided with several choices as to how they learn. Empowering home school children in this way enables them to engage in the learning process as a personal endeavor rather than something they are forced to do.

Homeschooling can be expensive and we want to help

Many two-income families become one-income families so that they can devote themselves to homeschooling. Materials, courses, books…they can all be very expensive. That's why we are offering K-12 Homeschool to a limited and select number of families. If you like what we offer then you can choose to support us through donations or purchase one of our optional services or even an optional elective course. We are here to save you money and thus enable you to homeschool better and longer.

Any Time, Anywhere, Any-pace Home Schooling

Our "any-pace" learning structure allows home school students to approach the learning process at their own speed. Home school students who need extra time to focus on difficult concepts are free to do so while accelerated learners are free to work ahead as their abilities allow. At The K-12 Homeschool, your home schoolers will never be forced to comply with a rigid class structure that tells them when and how they must learn. We believe that home school children learn best when free to approach learning on their own terms.

The Power of Home School Parents

Home school parents have the unique responsibility to and privilege of directing the education of their children. It is our job to help equip these parents with the resources, curriculum materials, and support network required to successfully educate home school children. Even if you've never homeschooled or have no background in education, we'll be there every step of the way to make sure you achieve home school success!

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