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When you enroll in The K-12 Home School, you'll get all of the tools, resources, curriculum, and support that you need to successfully home school your children. The K-12 Home School is a comprehensive program that is so much more than just another home schooling curriculum!

Upon enrollment in The K-12 Home School, you will receive the following:

  • Interactive CD-ROMs, audio, videos, and many more online and offline home school activities
  • A team of curriculum developers constantly updating, expanding, and improving our online home school curriculum to make sure that it's the best learning experience for your home schooled children
  • All the record-keeping and grading software that you'll need to keep updated on your home school child's academic progress throughout the year
  • A comprehensive home school curriculum covering over 150 Biblically-based courses in Elementary, Middle, and High School levels
  • Flexible course content that changes according to you and your child's needs. Our home school curriculum fits all schedules with 24/7 access. The ability to mix and match grade levels allows children of all learning styles to succeed
  • Product discounts and previews of new home schooling services and offers sent directly to your e-mail inbox available only to home school parents and students of The K-12 Home School
  • And so much more!
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